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Why Bush Telegram?

The Bush Telegram newsletter system goes to over 21,409 subscribers monthly in targeted areas. 83 articles have been published, reaching a targeted audience of over 40,484.

The Bush Telegram provides its readers with bite sized articles and snippets on the bush, overlanding, adventure and the outdoors in general. In today’s rushed life, there is hardly any time to sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite magazine anymore. The Bush Telegram is solving that problem. We provide easily digestible chunks of information on your favourite outdoor topics and make it easier to discover, explore and plan new adventures and destinations – all on your smart device or laptop while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Pacific Breeze, the publishing company, is a specialist digital publisher of eight niche market newsletters. Over the past five years Pacific Breeze has accumulated an e-mail database of more than 60 000 e-mail addresses on a subscriber basis. The publications are niche publications and reach audiences that are identifiable and defined. Several organisations have used Pacific Breeze for the distribution of news. The Pacific Breeze newsletter system goes to over 82,653 subscribers monthly in targeted areas. 5917 articles have been published, reaching a targeted audience of over 6,669,355.

Pacific Breeze is very excited about the inclusion of the Bush Telegram in its portfolio of specialised online newsletters and believe that its short, concise style of bringing the outdoors to the computer screens of hardworking, mostly office bound outdoors lovers is a winning recipe for both readers and advertisers alike. The Bush Telegram is the ideal escape for rat racers who have to perform and slave it out until they can get out of town on their next long weekend or holiday. The Bush Telegram simply makes sense…’cause life is too short for long reads.

Meet the Editor: Leilani Basson

Leilani Basson is an adventure and travel photo journalist with 16 years’ experience in the media – both locally and abroad. She is the creator and contributing editor of the Bush Telegram and also the pioneering force behind the Bush Babes Adventure and Safari Club, an all-women’s adventure and outdoors club.

Leilani Basson
Cell: 082 779 0602

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