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Zip it!Most of us have been on a foefie slide. But not many of us have seen the likes of the slide at Sun City, in the North West Province. This one is 2km long – and it reaches speeds of up to 150km/h! It is reputed to be the world’s fastest and longest slide. This is… the Zip 2000

The Americans call them “zip wires” or “zip slides”. In Australia and New Zealand they are referred to as “flying foxes”. In the UK they are sometimes labelled “aerial runways”. And in SA we call them “foefie slides”.

The Zip 2000 slide at Sun City can’t really be classified in the same way as a mere “foefie slide”. Reaching speeds of up to 150km/h, it really should be recorded under low-level flying devices!

The slide is about 280m high and 2km long, and provides adventure junkies with an adrenaline-charged experience that lasts several minutes. Solo and tandem slides are available.

Secured in two harnesses and suspended below a free running trolley attached to a steel cable, adventurers experience the feeling of flying and acceleration as they rush down the wire. Sliders are at times 100m above the ground, and at other times only 2,5m from terra firma.

The cable runs from a 280m-high koppie to the top of a mast, 2km away. Towards the end of the ride, the descent is slowed as the slider goes uphill, and then rolls back to the lowest point on the wire where Zip 2000 staffers assist you to dismount.

Solo and tandem slides are available, so this ride has an appeal for even the most amateur adventure junkie. Unlike many other adventure activities, this experience is open to children too – anyone 12 years or older can slide. So the whole family, including granny, can take part. The oldest person to try the slide was an 84-year-old lady from Scotland!

Bookings are handled by the Sun City Welcome Centre, and this is where the adventure begins. The sliders are transported to the starting point near the Sun City complex in a specially customised Toyota Dyna, and collected at the finishing point, and returned to Sun City.

The Zip 2000 experience caters for corporate groups with the option of a “bombing run”. Here the sliders have to drop “bombs” on a large target as they fly down the slide – a very popular activity. A prize is awarded to the person getting their bomb closest to the bull’s eye.

The Zip 2000 brings the opportunity for some unusual and exhilarating fun for anyone seeking some action and adventure in an unforgettable way. It is more acceptable to most people than, say, Bungy jumping, because there is no scary “free fall” involved. Instead, it’s just a case of doing some real low-flying!



Where: Sun City, North West Province

How to get there: From Johannesburg and Pretoria take the N4 highway (Bakwena Platinum Corridor highway with toll fees) towards Rustenburg. Although one can continue all the way to Rustenburg, and then head north to reach Sun City (about 50km from Rustenburg), another option is the R556 road. The turn-off from the N4 is a few kilometres west of Brits, and from there it’s about 100km to Sun City. There are major Sun City signboards at this turn-off.

When: The slide is operational six days a week, but is closed on Mondays. The tours depart from Sun City at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

Special notes: The start of the Zip 2000 is on the top of a koppie, five minutes from Sun City. Sliders are transported to this point from the Welcome Centre. There is room on each tour for only 16 people, so booking is essential.

Contact: Book with the Sun City Welcome Centre information desk, tel. 014 557-1544/3382. Or visit for more information.

* Courtesy Leisure Wheels Magazine

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