A boer, a beer and a pizza…in the bush

Published On 10 November 2015 » By Jacky Hefez » Bush Bites

Bushveld + Beer + Pizza = Perfection 2The search for the perfect beer is almost as eternal as the search for the perfect pizza. And hidden in the heart of the bushveld, just outside Bela-Bela, lies the answer – L’Abri Fountain Brewery and Tea Garden.

Over the last 10 years, owner Andries Saunders has perfected the art of brewing, and L’Abri currently boasts some uniquely South African signature in-house beers: Beertjie Beer, Bunny Beer, Fox Ale, Keg Ale, Kringgat, Skilpad Brown Ale, Skunk Stout and Wit Hasie – although it varies which of the 20 beers he brews are on tap.

While South Africa is widely known as a nation of beer lovers, what we think of as beer is actually mostly lager – which represents less than one percent of all brewing styles. And trust me, once you’ve tasted the styles Andries has developed, a normal lager will never again cut the mustard!

Beer tastings are by appointment, and never fails to be a     eye-opener for beer novices and a weekly treat for in-the-know locals.

In addition to luxury accommodation, the farm also has a quaint farm shop and a lovely tea garden that feels out of this world. It is here that you will find the best pizzas south of the Mediterranean. These include the Jolly Cowboy, Hilary’s Special, the Lawain, A Chicken with Balls and our favourites – the Boston Special and the MK1. Trust – these are the perfect blend of local lekkerte and proper, authentic Italian-style pizzas.

L’Abri is fast becoming famous for its bushveld chic style and top-notch beers and pizza, so it’s worth swinging by to grab a cold ale and a melt-in-your-mouth pizza – get ready for the tastebud treat of the year!

For more information or directions on how to get to this hidden bushveld gem, visit www.labrifountainbrewery.co.za or call Andries at 082 605 1492.

A boer, a beer and a pizza...in the bush 1 A boer, a beer and a pizza...in the bush 2 A boer, a beer and a pizza...in the bush 3  Bushveld + Beer + Pizza = Perfection 4

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