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Published On 17 June 2015 » By Leilani Basson » Bush Bites

Just ducking marvelous Duck is the new chicken. And turkey. And beef. Strus. South Africa is catching up with the rest of the world’s affinity to dig into duck.  If you still have qualms about eating darling Donald, Daisy and poor Daffy, this duck tale might just tantalise those taste buds sufficiently to roast a duck roll in the Weber or tan a duck sausage on the coals.  


What you need: 2 duck breasts;  1 tin of pitted black cherries (drained, but keep the sauce);  2-3 tablespoons lemon juice; zest of 1 lemon; 2 pieces orange peel;  1 bayleaf; half a cup of chicken or duck stock; half a cup of port wine; salt and black pepper to taste; 2 teaspoons cornflour; 2 tablespoons water.

What you do: Score the skin of the duck (be careful not to go too deep as this would dry the duck out.) Season with salt and black pepper. Heat a pan to relatively hot. Place the breast skin-side down in the pan. Leave it for 5 min. (This would allow the skin to become crispy) Turn down the heat slightly as you don’t want the skin to burn. Turn the breast over and fry for another 3-5 min. (Duck should be still pink inside but you can fry it longer if you want it well done). Keep aside for a few minutes to settle the juices. Drain the cherries and keep aside. (Add this later as you do not want it to turn mushy). Combine the rest of the ingredients except the cornflour. Simmer for 10-15 min. Season with salt and pepper. Thicken with cornflour.


What you need: Ducks confit portions in fat (thawed); mixed salad greens; segments of 1 orange and 1 pink grapefruit; croutons (You can use some of the duck fat from the confit to fry these in); dressing ; 75g cranberry jelly;  30ml vinegar;  120ml sunflower oil;  5ml sugar; salt & black pepper to taste. Beat all the ingredients until completely emulsified.

What you do: Remove the confit from the packet Remove most of the fat (this can be used for roast potatoes) Either pan fry or grill the confit till golden, but keep in mind that it is already cooked Set aside to cool. Shred the meat. Assemble the salad. Drizzle the dressing over the dish just before serving.

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Leilani Basson
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