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Bush Reads for the family 4Penguin Random House South Africa is your one stop nature, children’s and leisure reads book publisher. With the Bush Telegram’s monthly Bush Reads, you will have the best book picks at the tips of your fingers. These are our favourites for the month of March. Make sure you get your Easter Holiday reads in time

Giant Steps

Elephants have long been targeted by humans: not only are they killed for their ivory, but their extraordinary strength, intelligence and charisma have seen some of them captured, chained and effectively jailed for life. Bully and Induna are two African elephants, both orphaned in organised culling operations and destined for lives in captivity. Growing up far apart and quite differently, Bully (a former animal film star) and the less fortunate Induna were both driven to react to their circumstances – Induna even killed one of his carers. Their individual situations reached a point where both were considered to be dangerous animals and were under threat of being put down. This is the true story of their lives. Conservationist Richard Peirce presents their individual narratives and the twists and turns of their fortunes: the exploitation of these majestic but sensitive animals, how they each came to be trapped in unsuitable ‘employment’ and shunted about from one venue to the next, before finding one another – free at last – on a farm in southern Africa. It’s ­a­ gripping ­story, ­full ­of ­drama, ­danger, ­sadness ­and ­ultimate­ rescue.

Author: Richard Pierce

Price: R160

See more at: http://www.randomstruik.co.za/books/giant-steps/6074#sthash.NxJ8OLjq.dpuf


Bush Reads for the family 2Family Walks in Cape Town

For families who enjoy the outdoors and who relish the beauty of the Cape Town environment, this book details 30 short walks in the Peninsula, grouped into five broad areas: Central Cape Town, Atlantic Seaboard, South Peninsula, Southern Suburbs and Northern Suburbs. Richly illustrated with photographs, it offers for each route:­- Clear, colourful, engaging route map and detailed route description­- Directions to the start and approximate time and distance­- Effort required; whether the route is pram-, wheelchair- or dog-friendly- Points of interest and ideas for fun and relaxing activitiesAccessible, informative and ideal for families of all sizes and ages, from the very young to the very old, this book will be valued by Cape Town residents and visitors alike.

Author: Tim Lund

Price: R160

See more at: http://www.randomstruik.co.za/books/family-walks-in-cape-town/6073#sthash.AD5xk4Lq.dpuf


Bush Reads for the family 1Pocket Guide: Birds of East Africa

This pocket-sized photographic guide to the birds of East Africa features 296 birds likely to be spotted in the region.­- Colourful photographs illustrate diagnostic features and plumage differences between male and female or breeding and non-breeding birds.­- Comparative photographs help differentiate between confusing species.­- Important distinguishing characteristics are highlighted in the text.­- Distribution maps and Swahili common names for all species are included.­- Introduction features a labelled bird diagram, habitat map, glossary and useful advice to birdwatchers. An invaluable guide for visitors to national parks and the many areas in East Africa that are rich in birdlife.

Author: Dave Richards

Price: R150

See more at: http://www.randomstruik.co.za/books/pocket-guide-birds-of-east-africa/6088#sthash.aWJoPtX6.dpuf


Bush Reads for the family 5City Rooster

One night, Mr Doodle, the rooster, is woken up by the sounds of car hooters. When he discovers that the city is expanding rapidly – right up against the fence of the peaceful farm that is his home – he is very upset. He decides to leave the farm and look for another, quieter one. But Mr Doodle finds that he can’t simply fly off and leave behind the life that he knows. Year after year, it’s been his duty to wake all the animals and people on the farm, and it’s his responsibility to find someone to take over his job. So after many amusing and frustrating auditions, Mr Doodle finally finds the perfect replacement.Also available in Afrikaans.

Author: Claudia Eicker-Harris

Price: R80

See more at: http://www.randomstruik.co.za/books/city-rooster/6090#sthash.yJmKSsGX.dpuf


Bush Reads for the familyKatya’s Hairy Tales: The Bacon Chase

The Bacon Chase is the story about a lovable cat with an amazing, magical tail. Katya or Kit-Kat, as her owners affectionately call her, simply loves bacon and will do almost anything to get her beautiful paws on some. During a summer holiday at the seaside, she befriends a nervous seagull with one leg, Frederick Twiddle. While attempting to help Frederick to take revenge on the greedy hotel cat, Chubs, who bit off his leg, Katya lands herself in the middle of a CATastrophe with fluffy winter slippers and some really strange and scary humans. After a daring rescue effort, she receives a tasty reward! Ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.

Author: Julia Richman

Illustrator: Celeste Beckerling

Price: R70

See more at: http://www.randomstruik.co.za/books/katyas-hairy-tales-the-bacon-chase/5982#sthash.cGxDx3mB.dpuf


Bush Reads for the family 6Trail Blazer

Ian: ‘You’re going to run how far? ‘Ryan: ‘250 kilometres. But it’s over seven days, though. ‘Ian: ‘And the furthest you’ve ever run is …?’Ryan: ‘42.2 kilometres… on the road. And on trail… 35 kilometres. ‘Ian: ‘Ryan, I think you need to reassess this…’What does it take to run a six-day race through the world’s harshest deserts? Or 100 miles in a single day at altitudes that would leave you breathless just walking? More than that, though: what is it like to win these races? South Africa’s ultra-trail-running superstar Ryan Sandes has done just that. Since bursting onto the international trail-running scene by winning the first multistage race he ever entered – the brutal Gobi March – Ryan has gone on to win various other multistage and single-day races around the globe. Written with bestselling author and journalist Steve Smith, Trail Blazer – My Life as an Ultra-distance Trail Runner recounts the life story of this intrepid sportsman, from his experiences as a rudderless party animal to becoming a world-class athlete, and includes details on his training regimes, race strategies and aspirations for future sporting endeavours. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the adrenaline-inducing trials and tribulations of one of South Africa’s most awe-inspiring athletes, while endurance-sport participants – from beginners to aspirant pros – will benefit from his insights and advice. As Professor Tim Noakes says in the Foreword to this book: ‘However much we might think we know and understand, there are some phenomena which now, and perhaps forever, we will never fully comprehend. We call such happenings “enigmas”. Or even miracles. Ryan Sandes is one such.’

Author: Ryan Sandes; Steve Smith

Price: R230

See more at: http://www.randomstruik.co.za/books/trail-blazer/6079#sthash.pcpBxkSV.dpuf


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