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Come show us what your Warn….or other winch can do on 5 and 6 March 2016 at Rust de Winter

The WARN Challenge, hosted by Weekend Warriors offroading group, will take place on the 21-22 May 2016 and participation will be by invitation only based on the qualifying rounds that will take place on the 5-6 March.

The qualification rounds will be in the form of a Gymkhana at Rus-de-Winter. The Gymkhana will consist of 10 obstacles that will need to be completed on one day. Participant will either participate on the 5th March or the 6th March and anyone with a 4×4 can enter.



Date: Saturday 5th March, Sunday 6th March

GPS Co-Ordinates: S25°11’54.0”; E28°34’ 32.0” 

Only 60 entrants will be accommodated and all bookings and payments must be made in advance.


  • This is an open challenge for all road worthy 4×4 vehicles
  • All vehicles must be road worthy and no super modified vehicles will be allowed:
  • All vehicle must have recovery points.
  • Only 60 participants will be allowed.
  • Vehicles that will qualify for the WARN Challenge on the 21-22 May will need to conform to the following standards
    • Only top 20 participant will qualify for the WARN challenge. Participation is by qualifying on the Gymkhana only.
    • All vehicles must be road worthy and be 4×4 capable.
    • No super modified vehicles will be allowed.
    • A winch with the minimum capacity of 9500lb. The winch MUST be suitable for the vehicle weight.
    • Hi-Lift Jack or AirJack.
    • Recovery Points
    • Hi-Lift Jack points
    • Gloves
    • Recovery kit (Snatchblock, snatch strap/recovery strap, ‘D’schacles, treetrunk protector, winch weight blanket). All recovery equipment must be the suitable strengths for the vehicle weight.
    • Spare Tyre
    • Basic Medical Kit
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Only driver and co-driver will be allowed.


Time: 9am to 5pm


  • Please book online at www.theweekendwarrior.co.za. Bookings will only be finalised once full payment and entry form has been sent to the below contact.
  • Max of 60 vehicles.
  • All bookings must be finalised and paid by 1st March and no late entrants will be accepted.


  • R300 per vehicle TORRE PARTS & COMPONENTS
  • Non-refundable payment must be made to:



Account No: 4084514031

Branch Code: 632005


  • Send proof of payment with entry form to:
    • Email: leonard.chester@torreparts.com

Queries: Leonard Chester: leonard.chester@torreparts.com


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