Surviving with a Leatherman

Published On 20 July 2015 » By Herman Roos » Bush Wheels

Surviving with a LeathermanIn any 4×4 survival situation, you should always have a knife in your grab pack. The tools in your 4×4 vehicle is not complete without a good quality knife, says Herman Roos, the Bush Telegram’s Survival Guru from Boswa Survival.

I prefer a fixed blade knife for outdoor survival but in a 4×4 situation a multi tool with a good blade will be more functional around a vehicle. Good makes are essential when you choose a multi tool and I personally prefer to use a Leatherman. There is a wide range of different models available and all of them have certain tools that is very useful. Choose a model that will be most suitable for the tasks that you will likely have to perform around your vehicle.

Remember that a blunt knife is a dangerous knife as you have to put so much more effort into cutting which can easily lead to injury and unnecessary accidents. A sharp knife is effective and require little effort to perform the task you have to. Always keep your knife sharp and clean. A dirty knife can lead to illness if the knife is being used for preparing food without washing it. In the outdoors you cannot afford even the slightest illness and keeping your knife clean will easily avoid this problem.

Around a 4×4 vehicle you will likely have to perform repairs to various components such as wiring, mechanics as well as general cutting. A plier on your multi tool will be handy for cutting wire and you will be able to utilize wiring etc for various survival tasks. You can build shelters with electrical wiring as well as make tools and weapons for hunting or trapping.

Safe handling of a knife only comes with practice and when you follow a few simple guidelines there is no reason to have unnecessary cutting accidents. Always cut away from your body and hold the knife securely when you perform a cut. Make sure that there is nobody within reach of your knife when you cut and always stow your knife safely in your pocket or pack when the knife is not in use.

Remember that a knife is a life-saving tool and should be well cared for. Look after your knife and think about your safety when using a knife. In this way you will be able to perform the tasks that will keep you alive.

In the next article I will teach you how to find water in the wild. I look forward welcoming you around the campfire soon.

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