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Men and carsWhen a woman jumps into a car, she is going to the gym, paying a friend a visit, buying bread, shooting off to buy those new shoes or picking up the kids from school. When a man gets into a car, it seems to be an extension of his personality, says motoring journalist, TV and talk show host Sagie Moodley. Let him explain.

The accountant

He wants a reliable car that will run forever with the least amount of problems and be as boring as humanly possible. He’ll probably fall asleep while driving ti work, or I will. Choice of car: Toyota Camry. I prefer not to elaborate for fear of putting you to sleep; 500 000 kilometres on the odometer, still serviced and maintained by the dealer. Need I say more…yawn…boring…sleepy…zzz.

The gym instructor

He needs something to match his lifestyle and with the money personal trainers charge, a flashy set of wheels is not too hard to come by. Maybe there is a sugar mommy in the wings, and who are we to judge? This personal trainer thing is really starting to look very lucrative, know what I mean? Choice of car: Audi TT or BMW Z4.

The rich kid

Mommy buys him a snazzy set of wheels and off the boy goes to impress his friends, if he can impress and find one girl stupid enough to go out with him. Choice of car: BMW M3 or classic Golf GTI.

The executive

It comes as a company car, it is one of the premium brands. He is the kind of man that is happy when the company is paying. His personal vehicle is almost never seen and a lot of the time it’s a collectable. Choice of car: Porche Cayenne (paid for by the company).

The weekend warrior

He must have the best 4×4 out there. If he believes that someone else has bigger and better one (size counts), he will dash off to the nearest 4×4 accessory shop and spend a fortune on upgrading his. His weekends are spent playing on the countless 4×4 trails available, and of course he will spray the vehicle with a can of dirt just so the rest of his buddies can see that he has been off-road. For all you ardent 4×4 junkies, a can of dirt spray is available from all your top-selling 4×4 accessory stores. Choice of car: any 4×4.

The double-cab driver

I have to say you can only admire these guys. Which man among men will dare to wear khaki shorts, crocs and a khaki shirt while driving his bakkie into town unless he lost a bet? These men are the men who ensure there is enough food on the table. Yes, let’s acknowledge the sterling work they do, but geez, where’s the dress sense? Once a farmer, always a farmer. I most definitely will not pick a fight with any farmer, not even to let him know that his comb fell out his pocket. Choice of car: any double cab.

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